Philipp Koutny. Pro Triathlete.

I’ve always been a keen triathlete. I joined the Wildcats triathlon club in Basel as a kid -  a great team and environment to develop in the sport. As a junior and U23 I focused on short distance racing and gained a couple of years experience as a pro, mainly racing in Switzerland and France. I had a break from the sport for 5 years while I studied and got back into it in 2012. I was able to get my fitness back pretty quickly and soon made the switch from short to long distance racing. 


I’ve been racing long distance triathlon since 2013. After a successful few years as an age grouper I gained my pro license in long distance racing in 2016. In 2018 I won Ironman Tallinn, Estonia, and finished 15th at the Ironman World Championship. At the Ironman World Champs 2019 I finished 8th place and 2 weeks later at the Ironman in Malaysia 2nd.

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